Loans Management

Odoo Apps Enhancements

Safaa Shalhoub

Since customization is our game and odoo is our solution, we always try to develop our modules, so we have decided to put our efforts into -let’s say- redesigning and enhancing Odoo modules in a way that best fits a diversity of businesses and markets.

We have come a long way and the fruits of our labor are growing considerably, therefore we would like to share them with you in utmost transparency.

We know that managing a business is hard, and managing people could be even harder. But what truly kills is managing both. Which is basically what happens when you have an employee that needs to take a salary advancement or a loan from your company. It's not easy to keep track of all of this and it is extremely easy to get lost even with a small organization.

Our latest -certainly not the last- enhancement is focused on the “Loans Management Module”. It is a module that gives you unparalleled control over how your employees receive their salaries and salary advancements, it allows you full and pristine tracking of the loans and salary advancements of your employees from a user-friendly UI (User Interface).

We stated before that this module grants you control over your employees' salaries and their advancements. It’s an easy process that can also let you manage loans by using other key features such as automatic deductions on payslips and non-payslip loan payments. It’s also fully integrated with accounting and finance in two ways which are all about setting the account policy to your preference whether using one account for all employees or an account for each employee.

Can you imagine that all what’s stated above requires only two levels of approval from the HR Manager and the Accounting Manager at your organization? The way it works if you wanna ask is a real piece of cake. All you need to do is install the application, tinker with its configurations and create the loan types that you use in your business. After that all you have to do is go to the loans tab and create a loan filling in the employee’s name, loan amount, type of loan and all simple yet needed details.

See! told you it was a piece of cake!

If you would ever like to inquire about it a bit more and test it, do not hesitate to contact us at Smart Way so we could serve you best.