Sneak Peak O,doo you know?

Odoo 12

Salah Bayoun

We all know that Odoo is an ERP management software that offers a wide range of business solutions. Its wide range of customizable features makes it unique in the ERP market. But guess what? with more and more updates, Odoo is only getting better, with Odoo 11.5 and 12 coming out; the hype and expectations are high. So let's get into what ideas Odoo might have...

New Apps!

More applications to add to the wonderful abyss of the Odoo application store.

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  • Marketing Automation: An application that gives you an entire new look on what marketing is all about where you can:

    • Design emailing campaigns.

    • Run an efficient Lead Management system that allows you to generate leads through your Odoo website and email marketing.

    • Allows you to specify which leads fit YOUR criteria.

    • Allows you to automate other departments; for example:

      • Accounting: automating your payment reminders.

      • Events: automate registrations and reminders

  • Appointments

    • Allows you to set up a working schedule fully and a customizable time slot interval for maximum flexibility.

    • Allows your clients to schedule their appointments based on YOUR schedule, depending on whenever you're free!

    • Send automated email/SMS reminders to make sure that your clients won’t forget their appointment.

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So, what else is Odoo doing in the upcoming releases?

Let us start with Human Resources, including the attendance report, payroll account operation units, contracting operating units, leave management and more.. a change in leave management (day-based encoding) which allows you take leaves in a day, half day or hour bases.

Accounting is an integral part of Odoo, managing your bills and expenses, controlling your supplier invoices and accounts and much more. But in spite of all of that accounting greatness Odoo has to offer, now you can automate vendor bills from emails, and confirmed transactions create a payment in Invoicing/Accounting app for an easier reconciliation!

In sales, where you convert quotations you create into sale orders, allowing your customers to do it with online quotes you can create, and Odoo eSign. Odoo has decided to let requesting a specific delivery date for the sale order easier, delivery dates have been improved with better tooltips.

Logistics, which is tracking goods from your warehouse to the customer location, will be integrated with easypost! And work orders can be processed with barcode scanners!