Odoo is an open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, we offer Deep Customizations, Full Implementation, Multilevel Training and Professional Support. This system will automate all things in your firm, make all under control and reviewing also no one note or other thing will drop.

Deep Customization

Odoo keeps in mind the industry best practices but we also offer deep Odoo customization to let organizations incorporate their own business rules, improve user acceptance or obtain competitive advantages.

Smooth Implementation

A well designed Implementation plan is the success key for smooth implementation. Data acquisition, strategic planning, procedure review, testing and evaluation are the main pillars for successful Odoo implementation.

Multilevel Training

Odoo user usage varies due to assigned tasks, granted permissions and general computing knowledge background. Multilevel Training ensures the agility and ease of use to every user of the system by focusing the training sessions on the user’s specific roles within the system.

Professional Support

Professional Odoo support plans cover every aspect of the system. Support involves the application side as well as the Server administration, monitoring, optimization and security hardening. Adapted support plans are also available to meet the customer’s specific support requirements.